Control the Presentation Display

TrialDirector 360 Presentation gives you complex control of the items on the Presentation display. By selecting specific Presentation zones and using different zone modes, you can control where items are displayed and how they move around the Presentation display.

You can also manually expand a zone, drag an item into another zone, or close an item using the controls that appear when you move your mouse over the top right corner of any exhibit.

Expand a Zone

To expand a zone, click the Maximize Zone button on the zone header controls.

To retract an expanded item, click the button again.

Drag an Item into Another Zone

  1. To move an item into another zone, position the cursor over the Click and Drag To Move Zone button on the zone header controls until the four-sided arrow appears.

  2. Click and drag the mouse pointer to the center of the zone where you want the item to be displayed.

  3. Check the Select Zone/Zone Indicator to ensure that the target zone is selected, as indicated by a red outline. 

  4. Release the mouse.
    The item will move to the selected zone.

Close an Item

To close an item, click the Close Zone button on the zone header controls.


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