Overview: Install, Update, or Upgrade TrialDirector 360 or discovery ][ Local

This topic provides an overview of the Installation and Upgrade options for TrialDirector 360 and Local.


Before installing/updating/upgrading either application, review the workflow diagram below to ensure your machine is prepared for installation.

Important: Local and TrialDirector 360 do not support certain 32-bit versions of Office. Review the System Requirements: discovery ][ Local or System Requirements for TrialDirector 360® to determine if your version of office is supported. If it is not, uninstall it and install a 64-bit version instead.


  • If you are installing TrialDirector 360 or Local on a machine that has Eclipse SE installed on it, make sure the Eclipse SE version is 2018.0.0. If you have a previous version of Eclipse SE, upgrade to the latest version before installing. After your installation is complete, see Migrate Cases and Users from Eclipse SE to discovery ][ Local for information on how to migrate user and case data from Eclipse SE to the Local application.
  • If you are installing TrialDirector 360 on a machine that has TrialDirector 6.8 (or a previous version), create load files for your cases before installing. You can import these cases into TrialDirector 360 after installation.

Install, Update or Upgrade TrialDirector 360 or Local

The step-by-step instructions you follow for installing, updating, or upgrading the TrialDirector 360 or Local will differ depending whether or not you have a prior version of the application or you are a fresh install. There are four possible starting points.

Similar to the list above, the diagram below provides a visual workflow and helps you determine which installation, update, or upgrade instructions you should follow. Click on the box in the diagram to jump to the instructions applicable to you.

Typical Installation Configuration

The following diagram displays the typical installation configuration for Local or TrialDirector 360.

Important: All users must have read/write access on the machine/network share where the Network Data Store (NDS) is located.

System Requirements

Review the System Requirements information to make sure your machine meets all requirements for installation. You will not be able to install Local or TrialDirector 360 to your machine if any of the following criteria are not met.


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