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Additional resources are available to help you get up and running with Local, including:

Install, Update, or Upgrade

Overview: Install, Update, or Upgrade TrialDirector 360 or discovery ][ Local

Workflow: Install discovery ][ Local

Workflow: Upgrade from TrialDirector 360 to discovery ][ Local

Workflow: Upgrade discovery ][ Local

Migrate Cases and Users from Eclipse SE to discovery ][ Local

System Requirements and Supported File Types

System Requirements: discovery ][ Local

System Requirements for TrialDirector 360®

Citrix Versions and Hardware Specs

Local Supported Native File Types

TrialDirector 360 Supported Document File Types

Local and TrialDirector 360 Supported Transcript File Types

TrialDirector 360Supported Multimedia File Types

Release Notes

discovery ][ Local Release Notes 2021.6.8

discovery ][ Local Release Notes 2021.6.0

discovery ][ Local Release Notes 2020.5.0

discovery ][ Local Release Notes 2020.4.0

discovery ][ Local Release Notes 2019.3.0

discovery ][ Local Release Notes 2019.2.0

Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference: Review User Interface

Quick Reference: Search Syntax

Quick Reference: Review Keyboard Shortcuts

Ipro eDiscovery Production Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Install, Update, Upgrade, and Migration

FAQs: discovery ][ Local

FAQs: TrialDirector 360

FAQs: Case Story

FAQs: TrialDirector 360 Data Sync


Videos: discovery ][ Local

Videos: TrialDirector 360®