discovery ][ Local Release Notes 2021.6.0

IPRO is pleased to announce the 2021.6.0 release of discovery ][ Local. For instructions on how to upgrade to the latest version, see Workflow: Upgrade discovery ][ Local.

Important Notes

  • This release will upgrade previous versions of discovery ][ Local.

Presentation Features

Clip Editing Enhancements

  • Show, Save Clips Edit Dialog when moving between Clips in Work Area: Users will be able to save changes when traversing back and forth editing clips.

  • Allow Segments to be Dragged Up\Down into Desired Position in Clip Explorer: Users can now drag and drop clips in the explorer to desired positions.

  • Visual Indicator on DVT Transcripts where Clip Begins: A visual indicator will appear in transcript margin on first line of where clip begins.

  • Create Multiple Clips from Multiple Designations: Users will now be able to create multiple clips from multiple designations at a time.

  • Add Multimedia and Multimedia Clips to Playlists: Added ability to add multimedia and multimedia clips to playlists.

  • Duplicate Multiple Segments: Added the ability to copy and paste multiple segments from within the same clip.

  • Duplicate Clips: Added the ability to duplicate clips.

  • Transitions on Exported Clips: Added the option to fade in/out between exported clips so Trial Techs can present professional looking clips.

  • Short-Hand Page:Line Reference in CCS: Ability to import a clip creation script with short-hand page and line reference. For example, users can enter 5:5 – 10 instead of putting the full page and line reference of 5:5 – 5:10.

Import Enhancements

  • Terminate Batch Import Process: Added the ability to terminate a batch import process so imports can be canceled by the user.

  • Copy Pg1 Descriptions to Document Level on Meta Data Load File Import: Added the option to copy the pg1 descriptions to the document level.

  • Increase Max Field Length for “ItemID” and “Description” Field: The max length for the ItemID field is now 72 characters and the Description field is now 250 characters.

  • Function to Compact Database to Improve Document Load Times: Added an optimize case button on the details page of Case Manager to allow users to compact the database.

Evidence & Presentation Improvements

  • Key Command to Navigate from Revisions back to Original Source Page: Created a hot key that will allow the user when in presentation and looking at revisions to a document/page to return to the original source page.

  • Office Support in Presentation: Enabled Office support in Presentation.

  • Office Document Support for Evidence and Presentation: Added Office Document support to Evidence and Presentation. Users will now be able to add Office documents.

  • Alert Evidence User when Sent Review Documents are Ready to Load: Implemented an alert, via a bell icon, within Evidence to inform the user when a new document sent from Review is available.

  • Print/PDF Placeholder for Office Documents in Evidence: Added support for Microsoft Office document placeholders in Evidence and Presentation when printing or creating a PDF from a native.

Fact Management Enhancements

  • Created Preferences for Fact Management to add Fields: Preferences option to now choose which fields to display for facts in the grid.

  • Export Fact Management: Ability to generate fact report with chronological order and other filtering options and export to a CSV file.


  • Document Redaction Color Option can be White: Now can create black or white redactions.

  • Added Internet Restored Status Icon: If the internet is lost, users will now see a restored icon. The internet icon will be red when there is no internet and white when restored.

  • Preference Added to always display Multimedia Time: Users will now have the ability to display multimedia time by default so that the timer will not have to be turned on each time.

  • Adjust Playback Speed for Multimedia: Users will be able to adjust the playback speed of a multimedia video.

  • Standard Color Picker: Added a standardized color picker.

  • Add Data Size Information to Case Details Section of Case Manager: Ability to determine how much disk space is consumed by a case’s repository.

  • Customize Footer when Making PDF from Selected Items: When creating PDFs from selected items, there will now be options for customization of the footer.

  • Print Multiple Workbooks: Users will now be able to print multiple workbooks at one time using CTRL+Click to select workbooks.

  • Add Notes Checkbox Functionality to Transcript Work Area: Ability to turn on and off note icons on the transcript work area.

  • Create Exhibits from Text Transcripts and/or DVT: Users can select text from an imported text transcript and create imaged excerpts from testimony. This can then be either exported out as an image, printed, or presented on the presentation screen.

ClosedResolved Issues


DESK-6291: Import of OLL file should ignore the build information that may exist in the load file.

DESK-6315: Clip segments window jumps back to start. After adjustment, it should return to the current segment and not go to the beginning.

DESK-6855: Selecting multiple segments to copy to a clip would only copy the first segment. Fixed to now copy the selected segments to the clip they were dragged and dropped to.


DESK-6034, DESK-6044: When creating a case from a CSE file, the first redaction manually created will have the same redaction ID as the default “Redacted” category from the CSE. Fixed to now have unique identifiers for each redaction category.

DESK-6036: Saving a search with criteria containing ( ) from the advanced search window would result in duplicate saved transcript searches that could not be deleted. Now saving a search containing ( ) in search criteria from the Advanced Search window saves the search under Saved Public searches without saving an erroneous duplicate search under Saved Public Transcript Searches that cannot be deleted.

DESK-6032: Natives are being included in a production when it should be withheld due to the image having a redaction. When using placeholders, natives will no longer be produced for redacted records.

DESK-6048: Improved handling of re-coding documents in grid and record view.