discovery ][ Local Release Notes 2020.5.0

IPRO is pleased to announce the 2020.5.0 release of Local. This release includes enhancements to Local’s Review, Processing and Presentation.

Important Notes

  • This release will upgrade previous versions of Local.
  • This release will not upgrade existing Eclipse SE applications.
  • Migration of Eclipse SE users and cases is a feature available in this release.

Local Features

The following sections describe the new features that are contained in Local 2020.5.0.

Review Features

This release provides productivity document management enhancements that let you identify key cases documents and efficiently move them to Fact Management and Presentation modules for trial, arbitration, or client presentations.

  • Sending production images/search results to Fact Management/Presentation: Enhancements ‘Send to Trial’ feature, including sending more than one production image at a time. The entire produced document can now be sent to Fact Management/Presentation. Searches for produced documents, such as production history searches, and searches for case documents can now be sent to Fact Management/Presentation.

  • Sending documents to Fact Management/Presentation without access: Ability to send documents to Fact Management/Presentation from review when the user has not been assigned access to Fact Management/Presentation.

  • Naming consistency when sending documents to Fact Management/Presentation: The image key displayed in review will be the same image key displayed in Fact Management/Presentation for consistency and improved recall.

  • Notice when documents are deleted from Fact Management/Presentation: Users will be able to identify when a document is deleted from Fact Management/Presentation. The Fact Management/Presentation folder will now identify when a document has been deleted from Presentation. The box to the left of the image key will now be red if the document was deleted from Fact Management/Presentation.

  • Standardize Send to Fact Management/Presentation Menu: Standardized naming and location from Send to Case Story/Trial to Send to Fact Management/Presentation to match the Dashboard menus. Also, standardized the location of the right-click menu option to be at the bottom of the menu in all locations for ease of use.

  • Performance of Send to Fact Management/Presentation: Improved performance when sending items from Review to Fact Management/Presentation.

Presentation Features

This release includes improvements in Presentation workflows with a focus on collaboration and ease-of-access to critical commands, exhibits, and the management of aliases.

  • Linked Exhibit Option: A workflow improvement. This adds ease of use functionality and will be a time-saving option for users. Added a linked exhibit option in the right-click context Transcript Explorer menu. When the option is clicked, the “Link to existing document” dialog box will appear.

  • Alias Selection: A workflow improvement. This adds ease of use functionality and will be a time-saving option for users. Implemented the alias selection functionality in the "Link to existing document" dialog box so that the document can be linked to multiple references within a transcript.

  • Selection of Alias References: Enhanced productivity for selecting/deselecting all references to an alias, en masse, so that users do not have to individually check/uncheck multiple instances of an alias.

  • Enable Multi-Select for Transcript Anchors: Enabled multi-select of exhibit anchors within the Transcript Explorer so that users can remove multiple exhibit links at a time.

  • Export of Alias Group Settings: Option to export the alias groups created to a CSV file and share them with colleagues who are on different workstations. The alias group is then the same as their colleagues, which will make it easier to share information and collaborate.

  • Presentation Feature Tab Removal: Now that Presentation is accessed through Evidence, the feature tab on the left navigation pane is no longer required. The Presentation tab has been removed.

  • Alias Search for Exact Phrase: When identifying alias in Evidence, the alias search will allow for exact phrase searching and not include words in which the alias is a root set of characters.

Processing Features

  • Image Ingestion: Enhancements to the user interface for handling, large multi-paged images and documents by breaking them down into individual pages. This gives us classic suite parity, better document management, review efficiency, and isolation of key case documents.
    • Create document per image file – Creates a multi-page document when providing a page break for each image file processed. Note: Default option is to create a document break for each image file whether the image file is a single- or multi-page image file.
    • Create single page documents – Creates a single document for each image page when providing a break for each image page. For example, if a user is importing a 10-page multi-page TIFF file, they will get 10 single page documents.
    • Create document per directory – Creates one document break for an entire directory of images regardless of how many image files are in the directory.
  • New User Interface for Native Ingestion: Native ingestion is now accessible on the dashboard processing menu and integrates the new user interface and engine for processing and re-processing of native files.

Case Management Features

The release offers advances to Case Management that make it easier to access critical functionality, reporting, and speed creation of new cases.

  • Edit Case – Non-Discovery Documents: Adds ease of use and reporting functionality. Identifies items that may not have indexed, so users can try to determine why. These are non-discovery documents such as pleadings that we allow to be searched in the case. When an index of non-discovery documents is performed and not all documents can be indexed, users will receive a more detailed message along with a log file that contains more detailed information as to the items that failed to index.
  • Edit Case – Display When a Redaction is in Use: Identifies when a redaction is in use so that they are not unintentionally deleted or removed. A green open lock identifies that the redaction is not being used, and a red closed lock identifies that the redaction is being used.
  • Edit Case – Visual Indication Case is Inactive: To improve case organization and speed, added case icon to the left of case name. If a case is inactive, the icon is red if the case is active, the icon is blue.
  • Case Creation: This adds ease of use functionality and is a time saving option for the experienced user. Experienced administrators will no longer have to go through each bread crumb for case creation. Users can now save a new case at any stage by clicking the View Summary button and then Create. This uses the default case selections and creates the case.

ClosedResolved Issues


  • DESK-1567 - Allow installs to deploy on Region / System Locale regardless of setting (other than United States).


  • DESK-4014 - Exhibit labels will be the same size regardless of the image orientation. Labels that are on landscaped documents will maintain the aspect ratio.
  • DESK-5823 - Inactive users can no longer be added to a Presentation case.
  • DESK-5049 - Document-level descriptions that have been applied while a filter is in place within the document explorer will be displayed once the filter is removed.
  • DESK-5050 - Special characters can now be added to the description field in the document grid.
  • DESK-5524 - Fixed Issue Code Report failing to generate if blank lines are selected within the issue code (DVT Only)


  • DESK-3994 - Improved monitoring of memory consumption and error handling when using streaming ingestion on PST files with large excel attachments.
  • DESK-4492 - Processing of searchable PDFs during productions are improved to include hyperlink text content for black & white images.
  • DESK-5169 - Modifications have been made to build and read large PDF files so the files can be built during Production.
  • DESK-5532 - Performance improvements for logging into Local.
  • DESK-5782 - Unable to search Numeric fields for the value of 7 has been fixed to now return the correct numeric values.
  • DESK-5882 -Some characters were not recognized properly in Review after being loaded through a DAT file, but were viewable in Enterprise Review. Changes have been made to view the special characters.