discovery ][ Local Release Notes 2020.4.0

IPRO is pleased to announce the 2020.4.0 release of Local. This release includes enhancements to Local’s Review, Case Story and TrialDirector 360 modules.

Tip: To view the Local 2020.4.0 new features video, click Closedhere.

Important Notes

  • This release will upgrade previous versions of Local.
  • This release will not upgrade existing Eclipse SE applications.
  • Migration of Eclipse SE users and cases is a feature available in this release.
  • As there is an unlimited number of possible execution environments, IPRO confines its testing to common scenarios. IPRO cannot guarantee all features will function as normal with every Citrix configuration. Testing the software in your configured environment is advised.

Local Features

  • New Edit Case UI – Modernized interface for Edit Case to open a new wizard dialog from the Case Management > Cases menu option. The new UI includes an option to add multiple tags and tag groups at one time.

Review Features

  • Processing – Multi-Threaded OCR is now enabled in the processing menu and will utilize the available resources to maximize the OCR throughput capabilities.
  • Processing – Ability to set a directory storage path for TIFF files when bulk TIFFing.

TrialDirector 360 Features

  • Copy Snapshots and Save Stages into other workbooks – Snapshots and Save Stages can be copied into other workbooks for quick presentation access.
  • Adjust DVT clip segments by page/line – Ability to inline edit page/line values within the segment grid of the clip work area.
  • Clip Report Sort Options – New sort options when generating a clip report.
  • Workbooks in Evidence and Present in sync when both open simultaneously – New button to push/refresh changes made within workbooks to presentation screen.
  • Remember Last Export Path for Clips and CCS Exports – When exporting clips or CCS files to disk, the last path used will be retained for quick access.
  • Drag and Drop TIFF file directly into presentation screen from windows folder – Support for dragging and dropping TIFF file formats directly into the presentation screen from windows.
  • Drag and Drop from Evidence to Present – Evidence items may be dragged directly into the presentation screen for quick call up.
  • Presentation Preview Redesign – Presentation will no longer be a separate module required for launching and can be launched from within the evidence module. The preview screen has been embedded into the main evidence work area, which can be toggled on or off.
  • Export Captions with Clip – Captions can be included with the exported clips, with the option to burn in, or toggle on or off by the media player.
  • Batch rotate documents – Multiple documents can be rotated at a time.
  • Export/Import Exhibit labels Template – Exhibit labels can be exported as templates, to be used across cases.
  • Patents Explorer – A new way to organize patents and manage their unique content for quick call-up in presentation.
  • Expert Reports Explorer – A new way to organize expert reports and manage their unique content for quick call-up in presentation.
  • Import Document Metadata via Load File – Metadata, such as descriptions and exhibit #s, can be mapped to existing documents via load file.
  • Import a case that was exported from different subscription – Any exported case can be imported, regardless of its original subscription owner.

ClosedResolved Issues


  • DESK-1513 – Improved handling and error logging for unknown file type attachments during streaming ingestion

  • DESK-2957 – Error handling and processing of OCR text has been improved. If OCR fails to generate, IPRO will now convert the color image to black and white with grayscale in an attempt to reprocess OCR. Any documents that fail to OCR after this attempt, an error will be logged, and blank text will be used as a placeholder.

TrialDirector 360

  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:
    • DESK-517 – "Create Presentation Clip" does not function as expected when Mirror Mode enabled.
    • DESK-2798 – Barcodes not printing correctly on clip report.
    • DESK-2950 – Application error when hitting enter after inline editing description of document while it is open in document work area.
    • DESK-3074 – Batch clearing single exhibit # from several hundred-page document causes the application to hang
    • DESK-3076 – Excessive time batch clearing exhibit info.