Configure Printer Servers

To configure a printer server for Local:

  1. Open the Batch Print Server on your machine.

  2. The first time you start the Print Manager:

    1. In the Login dialog box, click Configure, select the system directory configured for other Local products, and click OK.

    2. Complete the Login dialog box with Super Administrator user name and password.

    3. Click OK.

  3. Select Menu > Configure Print Server.

  4. If the Login dialog box appears, enter the Super Administrator user name and password and click OK.

  5. In the Select Print Server dialog box, click Create New Print Server.

  6. Enter a name for the print server and click OK. (This name is used in the Print Manager.)

  7. Complete the Configure Batch Printer dialog box as shown in the following figure and described in the following steps.

  8. Select the needed Banner option. Banner pages are added for each print job.

  9. Click Add New Printer, enter a name to be used in the printer listing, and click OK.

  10. Batch Printer: Ensure that the printer defined in Click Add New Printer, enter a name to be used in the printer listing, and click OK. is selected in the Batch Printer field.

  11. Local Printer: Select the actual printer to be used when the batch printer is selected.

  12. Options: Select which paper sizes, paper trays, and slipsheet trays will be allowed for selection by users. (Slipsheets are used to separate documents within a print job.)

  13. Repeat steps 9-12 to define additional printers.

  14. When all printers are defined, click OK.

  15. To define additional print servers, repeat this procedure.

  16. To activate a particular server (make the Batch Printers available in Review):

    1. Select Menu > Select Print Server.

    2. Select the needed server and click OK.