Configure System Level Options

Basic Settings

Before you begin other Local administrative activities, you can configure the following system settings. These settings can also be changed later if needed.


  1. Log in to Administration as a Super Administrator.

  2. On the Dashboard, click the Administration module.

  3. Click the System Management tab and then Configure System Level Options. Complete the following steps as needed.

    Note: If the System Management tab is not visible in the Administration module, you are logging in as a user that is not a Super Administrator. To be a Super Admin, the user must be assigned Super Administrator privileges and be Set as Admin in the Local Web Portal. For more information see Overview: Security and Manage Users in the Web Portal.

  4. To define a default location for case data directories:

    1. Enter the preferred location in the Optional Database Directory field. The location must be a mapped drive or UNC path.

    2. Important! This directory must be in a network location that is accessible by all users.

    3. To make the location unchangeable, select the Do NOT allow override during Case Creation option.

  5. When settings are complete, click Save.

  6. In response to the confirmation message, click OK.